Saturday, December 21, 2013

Spilled Milk

Another 100 word story update.  Apparently I seem to have a fascination with broken relationships, kind of hoping it isn't an omen for some future relationship for me.


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12/19/2013 (Thursday)- Spilled Milk

               “I’m sorry,” the little boy sniffed, eyes red. 

               “It’s alright, my darling,” said his young mother as she began picking up the broken pieces of glass before wiping up the puddle of milk. 

               “Is papa mad?”

               “No, he isn’t.  Your papa isn’t mad,” she pricked her ring-finger on a shard of glass, she ignored the little pain.  “Why would you think he’s mad?”

               The boy watched as the blood slowly dissipate into the white of the milk, “Because you two were shouting,” tears welling up in his eyes.

               “Don’t cry,” the young mother cooed, fighting back her own. 

               “Don’t cry.”