Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Komorebi Dancing

Another 100 word story update and continuing the trend of foreign words that don't have a direct English word translation.  

Komorebi (Japanese)- Sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees.  

Reading the definition I originally wanted it to touch on a topic of truth and how we filter out what we want compared to what we really hear.  Instead I took time and changed it to one of perception and imagination, watching shadows dancing beneath the leaves.  

This means I'm finally caught up as well and can focus on my short story which still needs a LOT of work.  I'm on the fence whether to submit it or not.  


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12/11/2013 (Wednesday)- Komorebi Dancing

               I sat beneath the verdant umbra of an oak tree as leafy shadows danced on grass, the gentle wind their song and the world their silent audience. 

               I had first class seats.  Up front, near the wooden judges. 

               The music picked up and the dancers spun-twirled faster to the tempo while kicking up their feet to the windy rhythm of song and light and shadow.  The breeze was cool on my skin. 

               I was transfixed by their dance.  Dreaming.

               The light in the hall shifted, rising higher in her azure sky.

               The dancers changed.

               The music continued.

               A pleasant breeze.