Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Calico Pick

Another 100 word story update.  I'll catch up tomorrow for sure, still sick and still heading out to work.

So.  I'm not 100% sure if it's because I'm fucked up in the sinuses or it's just been a really weird week.  So far I've watched someone break the code cart for narcotics, twice, and watch him steal our vials of... normal saline (water).  He may have failed chemistry, thinking that 0.9% sodium chloride would give him a super high.  Welcome to Florida?

This story came about as I came home last night, too sick and tired to take care of my pet's playtime needs.  I'll have to make it up to him as I try to get better tomorrow.


*picture is originally from

12/17/2013 (Tuesday)- A Calico Pick

               Calico dropped in while I was sick, more worried about not getting a bowl of milk than my being sick—causing me to neglect my neighborly duties of small-talk and tea time with cat.

               How bad is it? 

               “I might have to call in,” I replied reaching for a tissue.

               “Why is that?”

               There’s a movie I wanted to watch with you on Netflix.  I think you’ll like it.
               “No more ‘Finding Nemo,’ I’m not watching you lick the screen… again.”

               No, no. This is different.   This one has a lesson at the end.

               “What is it?”

               Pet Sematary.