Friday, November 15, 2013

You've Got a Plumbing Problem...

Another 100 word storytelling.  +jake prosser asked if I could one that involves piping/plumbing and the words "pipe dreams" popped in my head.  I hope this story entertains you and tickles your funny bone Jake.  

This is dedicated to everyone who has that one person telling them You can't do it, it's just a dream.  I've got one and it's an animal that demands "moar food, moar attention, meowmeowmeow."  After all, according to him, he's more important than silly little words.  

Enjoy, and excuse me while I clean up whatever mess calico has made in the house.  

11/15/2013 (Friday)- You’ve Got a Plumbing Problem…

…aren’t words you want to hear from a cat.

“It’s clogged,” I tell calico calmly.  “We don’t need a plumber.  I’ve unclogged pipes before.”

He sits beside the sink, his tail swishing back and forth like a metronome marking the time spent emasculating myself before him and the sink.

“I told you,” grunting as I work the snake into the sink. “No more hairballs in drains.”

I know.  It’s not hairballs.

“What is it then?”


“Dreams, really?  Why’d you throw Dreams down a sink?”

Well… since you’re a writer, I thought I’d help by giving you more pipe dreams.