Saturday, November 16, 2013


Another old 100 word story getting updated.  I usually have a new story up at this time but I seem to be suffering from morning brain farts as I tend to return to a story outline for the next writer's challenge story.  I'll have a new story up later tonight, sorry about the delay folks.  I'll make sure all the brain farting is done at work later, that way I'll have a clear head to write for all of you.  


09/06/11 (Tuesday)- Charon

‘I… I shouldn’t be here.’

Mmmm… I understand. It’s always a shock at first.

‘No. I mean. Yes I understand the why I’m here. I just… well… I never believed in you and everything else about you!’

Ah. Well. *cough* Tremble before me mortal!

‘… ‘

Not appropriate? I’m actually pretty good during open mic nights. 

‘They never mentioned that in the books.’

See… Never believe everything you read. They always get it wrong somehow. 

‘So I don’t need a coin then for passage?’

That one they got right. You need to pay my fee.

‘… Do you take Visa?’