Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nocturne de Violin

Another 100 word storytelling.  I did a story a long time ago about a piano, but really my first instrument was the violin.  My parents took my brothers and I to a music store when we were little and there was this beautiful violin, at the time it was still too large for my arms so my instructor had given me a smaller violin until I grew to the one my parents bought me.  
They were the best memories:  practicing a song on a rainy day, joining the symphony orchestra of my high school.  

This is for those who picked up a violin, or any instrument and miss playing them.  This is dedicated to the little musician in all of us.  

11/14/2013 (Thursday)- Nocturne de Violin

She was my first.

Everything that I am today: my thoughts, the words I choose, the rhythm in how I talk and write and think—is because of her, and how she changed and shaped my perception of life.

She taught me tenderness through delicate touches of my hand, the musical intimacy of harmony, and the sensual pleasures of losing each other through music.

I still dream of her:  the warmth of her sweet gentle neck, the tune of her melodic voice.

I still dream of her:  the days we spent together, the memories of songs…

… she was my first.

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