Thursday, November 21, 2013

Twisted Dreams in Pen & Ink

Another 100 word storytelling (sort of...), my preferences when it comes to writing.  I carry a notebook around with me, there are pieces of paper and paper napkins stuck in it (and I assume splotches of ketchup and mustard as well).  

This is dedicated to all writers who keep a little notebook (be it physical or digital).  May you always have a word to pour into them, may you never face a blank page in fear.  


11/20/2013 (Wednesday)- Twisted Dreams in Pen & Ink

There’s a difference between typing on a keyboard and writing with a pen.

The keyboard feels mechanical, too safe to hit delete retracting a word that could’ve taken us down a different story, too distracting to procrastinate typing in words such as: Facebook, Youtube, and Cats.

I prefer the pen and paper still.  A mistake will sometimes take me to another story, or a different point-of-view.  Each word and phrase feels more fleshed, more here and now—something I can play with and wonder.

Tonight I scribble and scrawl for dreams to tell.

Tomorrow I’ll type them out to post.