Thursday, November 21, 2013

Brother's Keeper: Burden

Another old 100 word story update to the next chapter of Brother's Keeper.  

I was going to post it later tonight, and post a new 100 word story in the morning but I've got too many happy thoughts in my head after getting a request from +Sandra Tyler to have two of my stories published in The Woven Tale Press.  So I'm off to take those happy feelings out of the house until they've calmed down so that I can hear my writing voice.  

This chapter (if you haven't already guessed it by now), tells us a little bit more about the Gravedigger.  


12 Gravedigger:  Burden

I finish the meal that the good Doctor left for me after our little conversation. It is difficult talking to one so young of things old and best forgotten. A past life I would rather forget.

I’ve lived many names, outlived even more children. I’ve seen the rise and fall of Myths, the birth of Nations, and the end of many Civilizations. Yet through them all I’ve found no peace. I am wearied by the mark I bear. 

I rub my chest where it writhes and pulses. Even the storm can’t drown out its soft pulsating whisper…