Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Brother's Keeper: Conversion

Sorry for not continuing the "Brother's Keeper" series on its usual time slot, been busy both at work and school to edit the following ones properly.  I'll be posting the next one tomorrow night as well as I am editing it right now while I look for the 100 word story for Wednesday.  

So to keep you entertained until the new 100 word story, enjoy this update to the Brother's Keeper series of 100 words.  


11 Doctor:  Conversion

      I had been reborn.

      The sight of what could only be described as a living, pulsating tattoo had shattered and changed my beliefs.

      My initial hesitations were dispelled after the gravedigger allowed me to examine the mark. It truly was a wonder. But already, I was thinking of ways it could be reproduced, and had thought of some.

      My mind was racing with the possibilities. If I were to be successful in accomplishing his request, it would be a feat tantamount to an act of God.

      Standing up, I give him my assurance.

      It was time to perform a miracle.