Monday, November 11, 2013

The New Slaves of the 21st Century

Another 100 word storytelling in regards to people being rude with their cellphones.  I find it especially rude when they pull it out in the middle of eating out and just spacing out in front of it for a while, basically telling us that they would rather be anywhere but here.  

I'm not going to lie.  I do it too at times, and I wouldn't know where I'd be without (GPS).  I still get lost in Florida at times despite being here for about four years now.  

I especially see this in the malls, people walking around heads down staring at their little phone.  At the canteens at work, heck even at work as my coworkers run about checking Facebook notifications, and messages.  (I do it too, but just to check if anyone liked my stories.  Vanity-esque, what can I say?)

Enjoy this 100 word story.  

11/11/2013 (Monday)- The New Slaves of the 21st Century

It’s not hard to find them.

Heads bowed, backs bent, shoulders drooping, hands chained to their phones—answering every ring, beep, and notification.

It’s important, excusing themselves as they attend to the needs of their little digital handheld master of their lives.  They don’t even realize it when I mention it to them.  They laugh, walk away, look at the face of their electronic slave-owner then return them to their little pocket-pedestals.

You’ll find them in groups eating out, ignoring the people at the table with them.

You’ll find them driving, ignoring red lights and children.

It’s important.  Excuse me.