Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Temporary Visa

Another 100 word storytelling (finally off the rant, kinda).  It's November and it's still a time of reflection from me to you, especially since this is the time people start judging what kind of gifts to get for everyone based on their value, a preliminary list of resolutions that are doable, and a reflection on what achievements and failures one can boast and steer away from in the annual christmas letter to family (Nyquil makes me cynical!  Don't judge!).

Sorry for the late post.  Had to roll off my bed to type this, have a rough schedule of no weekends off days off are just for school... so overworked and cramming for school got me sick.  

Now that I made my excuses for my drug-addled mind and craziness.  


*picture is originally from http://xetobyte.deviantart.com/art/The-Time-Traveler-166195318

11/12/2013 (Tuesday)- A Temporary Visa

We’re just visiting, you and I.

The moment of your first step you must have known.

We’re just visitors.  Sightseers.  Tourists.

Given a life-time visa to this place:  to live, to learn, to grow.  We’re here for both business and pleasure.  Take in as much as you can.

We’re here to leave it a better place for the next batch.  To leave memories for them to find and judge our characters, adding to the accumulated knowledge left behind by those first few before us.

Our departure?  Unscheduled.  Unknown.

We’re all just tourists, taking in the sights… visiting but never home.