Thursday, November 7, 2013


I found this old 100 word story, and since I mentioned in an earlier post that this month felt like one for self-reflection and meditation type of storytelling, I felt that this story would be appropriate.  

An old story written while I was on vacation in San Francisco.  Yeah, I get my kicks visiting churches and museums.  I'm weird.  


08/06/2013 (Tuesday)- Stillness

There is a place in Napa Valley. It’s the only church that I can see myself actually attending, not because it’s far from where I actually live, but because of the silence. Inside the chapel all you can hear is the creaking of old wooden beams, in-between those sounds I feel as though I can almost hear my soul speak to me.

Behind the building is a lake filled with lily pads and lotus flowers, and peace. I didn’t take a picture, I felt that doing so would defile this special place.

I sat and had a chat with myself.