Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brother's Keeper: A Strangled Conversation

A continuation of Brother's Keeper, a collaboration between two friends just having fun with 100 words and storytelling.

We were wondering how hard it would be like to do a dialogue between two people with a limit of 100 words, we weren't worried since it was really just for us and to see what we could do by limiting ourselves.  I think the title fits our attempt at it.  It was a very... well, strangled conversation.  It was fun though.


*picture is originally from

9 A Strangled Conversation 

           “Let Ygör handle the rest, come sit and dine with me good sir.”

‘… what I brought is too much for one man.’

“Ygör was made with more than one man. Please, sit and eat.”


“So Gravedigger.  Who are you truly?  I know every man in our quaint little village below— from the supercilious Mayor down to the sheepish night’s soil collector.”

‘Just a simple man. ’

“… just a simple man?  Who comes in secret with bones and a strange request? Indulge me with an answer and to work I shall return.”

‘I was a child of Paradise.’