Friday, November 29, 2013

#End of the Day

Another old 100 word story update.  My seriously messed up work schedule is finally over, no more double shifts now that we've finally trained some people, no more cramming in between lunch breaks and late into the night.  Finally time to sit down, reflect, and look for the stories wanting to get out.

I was going through past stories, and I thought I had this one up already.  I'm surprised that I haven't.  This fits the mood and feeling of the week I've been having.

This is dedicated to all the writers who work to live, but live to write.


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12/07/2011 (Wednesday)  #End of the Day

Instant coffee.  Two minute egg.  Cold Pop tart.  That’s all I can recall from the morning, time in between that and now just slips into the dregs of memory.  Check social media group notifications.  #Yawn

 Angry calls.  Compound medications.  Punch In- Punch Out.  It’s routine, why question it?  We’re well trained dogs dancing to the tune we’ve been taught.  #Woof

Type report.  Attend a lecture.  Sleep.  I find comfort at the end of the day.  I step out looking for the Moon and Stars.  It's just too bad that city lights steal their heavenly glow.  #Progress  

Get ready to repeat.