Saturday, November 23, 2013

Standing in Line

Another 100 word storytelling/poem.  Was getting a Red Bull at a convenience store and I was stuck in a line where the cashier had this look of I-Really-Don't-Wanna-Be-Here.  I felt bad for her (even though I was about to head in to do 14 hour repetitions of sticking narcotics into bags.  Legally).  Everyone else was irritated that it was taking too long (I'll write a story/poem from their point of view later), and sadly it was just her and no one else.  

Honestly?  Life is very different here in America compared to life in the Philippines.  It's more hectic, more nose to the grindstone.  

Was it worth it to move?  Yes and no.  Yes, because of the opportunities and advantages that are available for my family and I.  No, due to the friends and family I left behind.  

I miss home, but I can't go back.  Not yet.  There's something for me in America that I have to find, I'm not sure what it is, but I'll know it once I see it.  


11/22/2013 (Friday)- Standing in Line

At work today,
Friday taken-away,
each extra over-time hour going to taxes.


Entitlements and rights.
Welcome to America,
Land of the taxed, home to the Corporate chain-gangs.
Little surprise,
I find lines getting longer for Lotto and Powerball.


That’s the price for those of us in chains,
That’s the price for those of us waiting for change,
That’s the price for American dreams…


I left home chasing them,
A chance to grab onto them and


That’s all I really wanted,

really needed…

I’m sorry for taking your time,
Did you want to pay debt or credit?