Saturday, November 23, 2013

Brother's Keeper: Ossis

Another old 100 word story update, Brother's Keeper part 15.  Will have a new 100 word story Saturday up after dinner with the family.  Until then enjoy the continuation of this gruesome tale of redemption.


15 Doctor:  Ossis

      Ygör nursed hands of broken bones after he dragged the lump of flesh across the room and onto the table. The most potent villain proved to be far superior in strength than Ygör, but being caged and bound by chains afforded us the opportunity to take from him what we needed. The rest would be collected after he wasted away from the gaping hole in his stomach and torso.

      I set the bones from the gravedigger’s pack on the table carefully. This was where the real work began.

      Unable to suppress my excitement any longer, I let out my mirth.