Saturday, November 9, 2013

Paper Wishes

Another 100 word story.  Sorry that I posted it late, I had a morning shift at work (usually evening) and got swamped by a mountain of work.  I've been up hunting down a story, and I thought I'd do something about Origami, and an old story about a thousand paper cranes granting one wish.  


11/08/2013 (Friday)- Paper Wishes

I retrace the folds and creases on the paper, recreating an old boyhood memory—something my Grandfather taught me.

He folded paper tigers that leapt and roared across the kitchen table.  He made folded dogs to keep me safe at night from the monsters underneath my bed.

Corner flap.  Tuck.  Crimp.

We sailed red-paper dragons in the sky, watched green-paper frogs hop about, flew yellow-paper butterflies in the night.

I sit by his bed, his breathing shallow and labored.

It’s my turn to fold animals for him.

Folding a thousand paper cranes…

…waiting for a crane to grant one wish.