Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brother's Keeper: Precipice

As I promised last time.  Two posts to the continuation of Brother's Keeper.  Sorry for stalling, I'm still working out how to end it, and editing some of the other inside-joke parts of it.

Again.  Awesome writing from my friend.


*picture is originally from

10 Doctor:  Precipice

      The gravedigger was courteous and well mannered throughout the conversation – as he always was; which spoke of decent breeding or respectable education or both.

      Yet the world we shared hinted at a darker, more distraught side of him; a side that he was adept at keeping hidden. I urge him to tell me more with mention of his favour and the allusion of working on it.

      His answer fills me with anxiety:

            “...I was a child of Paradise.”

      I could only stare in silence at his statement.

      “My words bring you doubt, doctor?”

      He then shows me his horrible mark.