Wednesday, November 13, 2013

One Question, Wan Answer

Another 100 word storytelling (of a sort).  Been reading more of Albert Camus (almost done with "The Myth of Sisyphus") and just finished his lecture "Create Dangerously" which is a fantastic read.  

This is basically just my perception regarding what I've read so far (I couldn't resist making a title like that as well), and my take on his question that should always be asked first in regards to any philosophical writing.  

It's funny.  I remember reading somewhere in a book (I'll have to dig through my boxes) that we all become philosophers after a glass of wine, after a bottle we just become drunkards (memory is a tricky thing, it went something like that or at least I think it did).  


11/13/2013 (Wednesday)- One Question, Wan Answer

It’s a simple question.

One we asked ourselves at certain points in our lives, one that has been pondered and prodded by the greatest of philosophers and the drunkest of men in our time.

It’s a simple question, isn’t it?

One we constantly but unknowingly look for under every stone and behind every child’s grin, one that has been put in every philosophical book and poured in every intoxicating glass.

What is the meaning of life?

I stand waiting for an answer from my morning reflection in the mirror.

All I got in return was silence and a wan smile…