Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Meet the Voice of the Doctor from Brother's Keeper.

Something a little different than 100 words.  This is something my friend posted (the same one who writes the Doctor portion of Brother's Keeper).  I read it right after work, a really bad day at work- and it just made my day better.  

After all.  Conflict is the one true source that fuels us as writers.  

Webster Arayata works as a pharmacist in the Philippines, met him at Pharmacy College and our friendship bloomed from late night gaming, anime, food trips, and drinking contests.  Studying?  Wut?  He's a natural poet, and one of the best writers I know.  His writings (the ones that I've been blessed to read, and lucky enough to share) reflect a part of life which we all have experienced and can easily relate to.  

Enjoy my best friend's story, meet the true voice of the Doctor from Brother's Keeper. 

Webster Arayata

What do you do when the dream ends? When hope is extinguished with desires still left wanting?

Who do you turn to for salvation? Where can you find a soul which shares your plight and understands your demise?

How do you face Reality when he comes banging at your door, blasting it off of its hinges and shattering it as he forcibly enters your peaceful abode?

You do nothing.

To do anything else would be an exercise in futility, for he shall still rip you away from your sanctuary and toss you outside into his world. A world writhing with each and every individual's delusion of justice, freedom, morals, and reason - all of which coalesce into an impossibility that is conflict itself.

But he doesn't mind. In fact, he believes that you shouldn't mind either. After all, it is conflict which fuels his existence. So he shall have you produce such nourishing conflict, harvest it for his own, and further expand the realm so aptly named—