Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Brother's Keeper: Gelādian

Another old 100 word story update, the final parts of Brother's Keeper.

Gelādian- to vindicate, to clear


18 Gravedigger:  Gelādian

I stare at the body the Doctor constructed. He looks both familiar and strange to me. His features are there, a face I’ve seen bloodied in many a dream since, the gaping half-finished stitches make him a stranger—his once innocent face now criss-crossed with them, as if crying to the world…

Here I am!
Victim! First of many!
Brother to death!

I look away from the accusations, staring at the discarded parts the Doctor had used up: men, women, children…

I feel the cold steel pinch of the needle into my flesh….  

…the blood flows… 

                            …washing away my sin.