Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Checking Resolutions

Another 100 word update, it's time to check what resolutions need to be done for next year.  

If we're going to be honest, a lot of us recycle the previous resolutions last year (especially after a eating a lot during this part of it!), and we try our best to stick to them through the year.  

If you copy paste this story it'll tell you that it's 110 words, the wordcount system is counting the numbers for listing which I don't believe should really be counted.    


*picture is originally from http://www.webandtime.com/surreal-photography-by-kevin-corrado

11/26/2013 (Tuesday)- Checking Resolutions

There’s a paper list taped to my bedroom wall by the door, to remind myself every day as I walk out: of goals to achieve, changes to make, resolutions to affirm.
Ten simple things:

                     1)     Find a way home
                     2)     Eat better
                     3)     Run more
                     4)     Write more
                     5)     Do good every chance you get
                     6)     Do bad jokes and laugh
                     7)     Smile during bad times
                     8)    Always say yes to books
                     9)     Always say yes to foreign films
                     10)  Donate when I can (time/money/blood)

Returning home, putting a check on which ones I’ve kept true during the day.  

I realize...

... I've yet to put a check by number one