Monday, November 4, 2013

Extrapolating Absurdity

Another 100 word storytelling, this one dedicated to all the students facing exams and trying to tie up final projects.  

Good luck to you, and the rest of us.  

Enjoy this little 100 word break.  

11/04/2013 (Monday)- Extrapolating Absurdity

I was busy putting words in my head, extrapolating important ones from the useless drivel that drips out while I sleep.  I drink another hot dose of caffeine (black, no cream, 5 tsp. of sugar).

A vicious cycle of repetition:  Put in.  Take out.  As the latest slowly loses importance and value over time its final end to be replaced by one of more import later on.  Put in.  Take out.

I rub my face in frustration at the task.  I ask myself, in times of absurdity…

…what would Sisyphus do?

I return to rolling my boulder up the hill.