Monday, November 4, 2013

A Meditation of Sorts

Another 100 word story (part of my daily writing project), again sorry if it was late for some people who have gotten used with my posting schedule.  I just needed some personal time to meditate and reflect on a few things.  

Just wanted to thank +Linda Maree Malcolm for giving me some valuable advice regarding writing and life in general.  One of her best tips I actually used to write this 100 word story.  

The Brother's Keeper series will be going back to a regular posting on Thursday, I need to give myself some time to catch up on a few school projects and exams as the Fall Term is coming to an end.  Sorry about that but at this point of the story I need to do some serious editing, and start thinking about how I'll be ending it.  

To all those who have been following this little blog, and watching me grow as this silly little project keeps going.  Sorry for not posting a new story as usual the other day.  Still fixing and cleaning the mess in my head, but will keep on writing to keep you all entertained.  

Enjoy this new 100 word story.  

11/03/2013 (Sunday)- A Meditation of Sorts

I spent the better part of the day tidying up the mess in my head, the dust of monsters and stories yet to be told, the ablation of memories and on-the-tip-of-my-tongue words.

A bag of letters, a box punctuations, a stack of introductions— leftover ingredients from false start stories, survivors of edited writings, remains of tales that never made it out of a draft.

I gave them a proper farewell at sunset.

I wrote them all down on a piece of paper, which I then folded in to a plane…

…and watched as they flew away into the sleeping sun.