Monday, November 25, 2013

Brother's Keeper: The Doctor is In.

Another old 100 word story update, a continuation from the Gravedigger as we head to the end of the series.  I was hoping to finish this story of gore and redemption in October, but life came in and edits as well.  

Again this was simply done in fun, and was one of the first few attempts at 100 words for us.  It is far from perfect, and we simply wanted to do a "what if these two characters meet?  What would one ask the other?"  


16 Gravedigger:  The Doctor is In.

I follow behind Ygör with the last of the cadaver’s, him easily carrying five while I bear just one in my arms, a child, or rather, what is left of a child—the body so decayed that even the stink has long left it. 

As we enter I stare only at Ygör’s back, I dare not look around in fear of gazing into the empty sockets of my deceased accusers as I walk past with another... 

Their rest disturbed. 

Their peace broken. 

… for mine to be restored.

Even more disturbing than sight, was the sound of the Doctor’s maniacal laughter.