Sunday, November 24, 2013

R.I.P. Ornaments

Another 100 word update for everyone.  I know it's only November, but sadly this is the time we start digging out Christmas decorations and I thought I'd share the disorganization of our attic, and the insanity of placing decorations at the furthest corner under mountains of heavy boxes. 

To those studying for finals while on break, good luck to all of us.  To those working this week, good luck to all of us (I hope you get some turkey).  

Enjoy this silly little take on excavating decorations from the attic.  Have a happy holiday everyone.  

11/24/2013 (Sunday)- R.I.P. Ornaments

The attic is a graveyard for memories.

Boxes of toys and clothes unwanted, with too many emotional attachments to be given away.  Tools bought out of necessity but never used once, a wild herd of exercise-equipment, mountains of books, rivers of pictures, and in the deepest darkest end—Christmas decorations.

Due the fragile nature of ornaments, universal law dictates: You must place it at the bottom of a pile under the weight of heavier objects.  Solid wooden Santa dolls, Christmas trees (plural: small and large), assorted Halloween and religious holiday decorations (catholic).

Thus requiring the annual buying of new-er ornaments.