Friday, November 22, 2013

21st Century Breakdown

An old 100 word story update.  I forgot where this story came about, I just felt that I had to tell it.  I'm writing and deleting stuff for the 100 word story for Thursday, haven't settled on it is and how it'll end.  Will post it up soon, if not soon, will definitely be posted in the morning.  


07/19/2013 (Friday)- 21st Century Breakdown

She fills the ketchup bottles listening to the radio beside the display case for pies.  A Green Day song was playing, she knew the name of the song and the lyrics, she just didn’t care enough to remember.

She wipes down the table after filling the last bottle, getting it ready in case a customer comes in at three a.m., not that many come in this far out in the sticks.  Not anymore.

She goes back to sitting behind the counter and picks up where she left off in an old issue of The Hollywood Reporter, and sighs… if only.