Friday, November 1, 2013


Sorry for a late 100 word posting, my shift is always shifting and changing at work.  I was scheduled to work the morning shift today, and as predicted, it's busy as heck since it's the Snow-bird season here in Florida and our hospital was at maximum capacity (along with a deluge of pregnant mother's popping out babies).  So as soon as I got home all I did was sleep and recuperate.  

This is a personal story, told from a different type of perspective.  I'll be posting the two follow up chapters to Brother's Keeper as well tonight although they will be posted a little late as usual.  


11/01/2013 (Friday)- Boundaries 

The signs don’t stop her.

Neither do the chains, or plea of family.

We are the immigrants now.

This was her land before they took it.  That tree?  She planted it some twenty odd years back.  This was the ground she kept clear from weeds and flowers-wild, soil soaked rich in blood, tears, and sweat.

She’s old.  She forgets.  Her memory isn’t good.

She remembers nothing of yesterday or last week, struggles recalling names… but, she remembers her childhood memories grown in the soil of her home.

She removes the sign.  Again.

Going back to the land she called home.