Thursday, October 31, 2013

Journal Imp

Another old 100 word story update.  Actually editing the next part of Brother's Keeper, again, because of inside jokes between me and my friends and slowly realizing how much work that actually is.  I promise though to make it up by putting up the next two stories afterwards that follow it.  

I hope you enjoy this little reflection of sorts.  

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08/07/2013 (Wednesday)- Journal Imp

There’s an Imp in my closet. Not the cute-demony type that Terry Pratchett talks about, nor are they the mischievous little rascals that fairytales paint them to be.

Nope.  Not even close.

This Imp is grotesque, and mean.  He comes out when I sleep, walking in a mixture of a shamble-shuffle-slide, while dragging an old dusty tome wrapped in chains.

He climbs up the foot of my bed, puts on his glasses, and finds the last page he reads from the book. Cough. Then begins reading...

“... Today’s Fears and Failures, by M.A. Barr. Number one: Cowardice. The reason being...”