Saturday, November 2, 2013

Book Weather

Another 100 word story, I seem to be dragging my feet today thanks to the weather.  Hopped off the couch, and bookmarked my page just so I can throw together a quick 100 word story for you awesome people.  

These are my favorite days (just too bad I need to head to work soon).  

So I'm jumping back on the couch, and going to cocoon myself a bit in fiction and blanket.  


11/02/2013 (Saturday)- Book Weather

Warm cup of chocolate.  Page 125 of Damned by ChuckPalahniuk.  Blanket.  Pillow.  Couch.

The rhythmic pitter-patter of raindrops outside the window, sending wet November chills to all.  A reminder to pull out the jackets and the sweaters from the closets… but that’s for another day.

Not on this perfect day.

Not on this perfect weather.

I burrow deeper into my blanket-couch-hybrid cocoon.  Sink deeper into my book.  Fall deeper into the rains hypnotic cadence… pitter… patter… on the windows and the roof.

I’ll do something productive...  Maybe.

It’s Saturday…

It’s raining…

… and I have a book and characters to visit.