Monday, October 21, 2013


An old 100 word story getting updated.  This was written while I was on vacation in San Francisco for two weeks.  There's a restaurant actually named Usagi in San Mateo, serves amazing Japanese burger meals at the end of which I was scraping the gravy from my plate.  
It was fantastic!  

*Picture is originally from

08/08/2013 (Thursday)- Usagi

I was surprised to find myself at a Rabbit’s restaurant, a little hole nestled within the urban forests of San Mateo. The waiter had white fur and wore a black formal suit as he led us to our table. I couldn’t read the menu, the words seemed to be scratches on paper, I chose what I wanted based on the pictures. The waiter smiled then chittered, which might have meant:

Excellent choice.

Our food came out on hot sizzling plates, hamburgers with deglazed sauce with rice and vegetables. 

Sadly, it was the carrots that tasted the best out of everything.