Monday, October 21, 2013

A Sandman's Trade

Another 100 word story regarding sleep and dreams.  I haven't had a good nights sleep the past few nights so I'm assuming I didn't pay the toll for the local sandman in my area, probably has a particular taste in memories just like the one in my story.  

This is dedicated to those people who like to stay up late looking for a story, or trying to finish up a deadline.  (You know who you are, hahaha!)

Enjoy!  May you have a kinder sandman than I.  

10/21/2013 (Monday)- A Sandman’s Trade

Last night I bought some memories, each paid for with a pinch of sand.   Some owners gave them willingly asking only they be forgot, others did it grudgingly knowing the toll for a good night’s sleep.

I don’t buy just any memory, I have a specific taste.

I buy memories made of shattered glass and pain, for these make the best sand for sleep.  The finest grains, the smoothest grains, albeit with a chance of nightmare weep.

Some others buy happy ones, but I prefer the bad.

For through others aches and fears, you’ll see that yours aren’t so bad.