Tuesday, October 22, 2013

To Grow a Story

I was going over my saved document where I ramble as I look for my daily story (aptly entitled "Novel of Random Thoughts and Gibberish Volume 1"  word count: 35k), and found myself talking about watching a story grow from a blank piece of paper and convincing myself that it'll grow like a seed.  

I figured if I could paint the idea those two lines made it would be my 100 daily word story for today.  It was quite a challenge, and I've always been wanting to make a story relating (of sorts) to trees/plants.  

So here is the story that grew from my old germ of an idea.  


*picture is originally from http://lifechurchofde.org/

10/22/2013 (Tuesday)- To Grow a Story

I was given a seed of a story and told to make it grow.  They left me no instructions, no guide or restrictions, so I planted it like any story and fed it on some woe.

I planted it at night for that’s when dreams take flight.  I watered it with tears and shared with it my fears.  I then wrapped the ending with a thin silver lining, a glass half-empty/half-full kind of lying.

I knew it wasn’t done, like every other tale, I’d visit it each day to edit and to trim it.

To write and watch it grow.