Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Shoe's Perspective

Another old 100 word story getting an update.  As I was walking through San Francisco during my vacation I noticed all the different shoes people were wearing, and tried to guess what their lives were like based on their gait and footwear.  

What must it be like being a shoe and waiting for that one person to appear?  

08/02/2013 (Friday)- A Shoe’s Perspective

A million feet walk the city each day. The relaxed and easygoing in sandals, the uptight and serious in their leather shoes with no creases, the yuppies and artists in their bright colored sneakers trying to be unique but failing to be, and those who sleep on the streets with their scuffed shoes or, even worse, bare feet.

I watched as they walked by me. Shoes in a hurry to take their person somewhere important, shoes that just didn’t care about time and enjoyed the flowers and sun.

I wait and watch through the glass. Someone will wear me someday.