Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Spices of Life

Another daily 100 word story, the project is back on track and it doesn't look like I'll be going anywhere in the immediate future.  So that means no more story delays like the other day.  I'm working on an outline for story, and I'll be passing it around to a few people to get initial reactions on it.  I'm thinking of posting it here just to get a feel if people would read it or not, but still undecided on that.

Here's a little poem (with little to no rhyme), but has a bit of a rhythm to it that I liked.  I wanted to do a story about the relationship between father's and their son's.  FYI I need to inform you... my father is bald, so him having hair is purely fictional... just like this story.  


 10/29/2013 (Tuesday)- The Spices of Life

I remember asking father once, why is your hair black and white?
He replied…

They’re salt and pepper, spices of experience and age.
You get them from falling, especially from failing.
You’ll get them when you find the right love.  Don’t worry about the first.
You get them from living, and learning from mistakes.
You’ll get them when you have children.  Don’t worry you’ll find out why.
In time you’ll have a salt and pepper crown.

And now when my children ask me, I tell them the same thing too.
It’s just salt and pepper, spices of experience and age.