Monday, October 28, 2013

Brother's Keeper: Study

Another 100 word story update to an old story, "Brother's Keeper."  The narrative voice of the Doctor is written by one of my best friends, Webster Arayata.  

Enjoy this wonderful story.  

4 Doctor:  Study

      I set down equipment on the counter as I hear banging on the door. I taught Ygör a few common courtesies after I revived him, and he learned well. Yet, his inability to control and moderate his strength is something of a drawback at times.

      Still, he was the first human I've had the chance to work on. And the results were impressive for an initial attempt.

      "Bring them in," I instruct Ygör and his companion as I admit them into the chamber.

      I suppress a shudder as they haul in sacks of material. It was time for learning again.