Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Color and Essence of Fear

It's time for costume picking for Halloween parties, and I have no idea what to go as for a party next week that I got invited to by a coworker.  

Took me a while to find this story... since it's my day off and I've been spending it watching Arrow Season one.  Sorry, comic fanboy switch was flipped.  Amazing show if you enjoy DC characters and stories.  

Enjoy this story on fear, and the amazing photography and photo editing by this artist.  

10/15/2013 (Tuesday)- The Color and Essence of Fear

They tell me it’s yellow, a sickly jaundice yellow, the choice of cowards and faint-of-hearts.

They say it’s white, a dead dirty white, the option of corpses and of ghosts.

They argue it’s red, a thick saccharine red, the prize-sought by monsters and by men.

I say it’s Night—like every other child—for Night holds you tight and wears all fears like a cloak, yellow are her fangs that bite off children’s toes, white are her eyes from talking with the dead, and red is the blood dripping from her chin.

Yes.  Night is the color I would wear.