Monday, October 14, 2013

Bred by Honesty, Made by Sin

I was planning on writing about a pastor's son tempting a young woman, but this wonderful she-devil story came out.  It came out from the title which I heard during a radio interview where the interviewee said:  "I was bred by honesty."  In my mind I immediately though, "Yes, but you were made in sin."  Then I read +Dallas Adams  little sinful poem, and thought it would be better from a devil point of view instead of a pastor's son.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did writing it (which is a lot!).  Sorry if I don't put much info on the intro, too pooped to do more, about to head to work after doing another double shift again yesterday.  

Enjoy, and I promise to keep on writing and growing.  

10/14/2013 (Monday)- Bred by Honesty, Made by Sin

She comes every Sunday for the sermons and the lies, to feel just a little less sinful, a little more human, a little bit of home.

She comes every Sunday in red:  lips, shoes, and dress.  The men stop sleeping, letting lust flood their loins.  The women stop pray-pretending, to tut-tut and gossip, letting envy in their hearts.

She comes every Sunday not for the little sins that creep, nor to sow temptation sweet.
She comes every Sunday to reap and prey on the heart of one soul.
She comes every Sunday for the pastor’s son…

… because innocence is sweet.