Tuesday, October 15, 2013

City Beats

Started missing family and friends that I was able to visit the past July in San Francisco.  Thought I'd share the story I wrote the first night I spent there and update it with a picture. 

To those of you reading this and lucky enough to live there, this is for you and the wonderful hospitable people that I've met while there.  

p.s.  Still watching Arrow, will post a new story as soon as I'm done.  

*picture is originally from http://www.terragalleria.com/black-white/california/picture.usca42934-bw.html

07/28/2013 (Sunday)- City Beats

The city thrums with the energy of her people even late into the night. Her arteries of concrete and asphalt beats with the life of the young and sexually charged. Her heart pulses and quivers to their lusts and cravings.

Intoxicating. Dominating. Alluring.

The gray shade rises in the horizon: last call. The children leave to slumber, some stumbling, others laughing, all tired. The day will be up soon, too soon.

Somnolent. Soporific. Sated.

They crawl under their covers, some alone, some in pairs. Day will be up soon with his demands. So they sleep, the young and sexually charged.