Thursday, October 10, 2013


I'm finally on the right day!  Although I have a feeling that the story for tomorrow will be late since I'm doing a double shift at work.  I'll walk around today and find a story under a rock, hopefully I'll find something relating to Halloween, if not I'll ask my muses to start spouting gibberish until I find a title and an end.  

I'm currently working on an outline for a novella.  I don't think I have the chops for a proper novel just yet, and doing a novella is my way of testing the waters on whether or not I can do longer stories.  The longest I've ever written that was at least cohesive and flowing was around 3k+ words.  Which I'll be posting and sharing in the future after I revisit it and go over it once more.

Enjoy this October Jinx story!

Tenten (
天天) =   Everyday

10/10/2013 (Thursday)- Tenten…

…was not your normal Chinese girl.

She was born on the tenth day, on the tenth month of the year, at the end of the millennium.  Her mother thought the name would bring her daughter luck.

It did.  Just... not the sort of luck she was expecting.

Black cats avoided her path, crows and ravens flew away, mirrors would break when she was near, and little children would cry and run away.

So she played by herself growing up as a child, with dolls and tea parties with made up friends.

After all…

She only had I, myself, and me.