Thursday, October 10, 2013

Re: Costume

I'm looking forward to Halloween, it's my favorite holiday of the year simply because you have an excuse getting all dressed up in a costume and acting childish once again.  

I've actually started getting some party invitations already, and trying to balance work/social time now just so I can spend time with friends, family, and workmates.  Priority goes towards my writing and storytelling practice.  

This is dedicated to the young at heart who come at in October to be their favorite ghoul, ghost, or spook.  May you never grow up, and may you never stop daydreaming.  


10/09/2013 (Wednesday)- Re: Costume

Mother asked me to put up Halloween decorations for her after work.  After hanging up the last spooky ghost, we retreated to cups of warm coffee and talked about past Halloweens.

She asked me what were my upcoming Halloween plans.

“Well I was invited to a costume party by a workmate.”

“Oh, that’s nice.  What do you plan on going as?”

“I was thinking it’d be fun if I painted myself blue and went as a blue man, like the group.”

“Hmmm… being Asian and short, people might think you’re a Smurf by mistake.”

“… I’m not that short. 
... thanks Mom.”