Monday, October 7, 2013

Still Dreams

I had a totally different story ready for everyone until a friend told me, "It lacks impact compared to your other ones."  

Well.  I guess I got lazy.  So I stayed up late and decided to tackle the blank paper monster once again.  I also sent her the idea before writing it, she immediately told me "You're a little bit ****ed up."  

She also told me to write it after saying that.  Because she thought I could tackle it with some tact.  

So here's an October story for you, please remember that it's purely fiction and that no babies were harmed in the writing.    

10/06/2013 (Sunday)- Still Dreams

We were supposed to be twins.
But only I made it out.

I remember holding on to tiny hands, and kicking back at tiny feet.
I remember floating and dreaming with a brother.
I remember being a pair.

Something happened with my twin.

We stopped holding hands, and he stopped kicking back,
And only I made it out.

I never had another brother growing up,
I never slept easy since birth,

At night, tiny hands come back to sleep in mine with tiny feet kicking back.
At night I found my floating dreaming brother.
At night I found my pair.