Sunday, October 6, 2013

Symbiosis of Sin

I thought a 100 story would come easier to me after editing that long story, sadly sleep won over me and now I'm typing this out before I head out.  I didn't want to be two days late, I'm still trying to chase down that one day.  My little legs can only move so fast chasing something. 

So here you go.  I wanted to go with a title "Symbols" but this is really a symbiosis between a man and a tree.  I was actually picturing what it would be like for a tree if it shared the growth of a man (a twisted, sinful man).  This came out.  I kind of like it, but I have a feeling that without the 100 word limit there's more to be offered by a story like this as a short story.  

Enjoy!  Back on track to writing sins, creepers, and secrets dedicated to October!

10/05/2013 (Saturday)- Symbiosis of Sin

They planted a tree as soon as he was born.  A symbol of the gift that he was.

As he grew, the tree grew.

From baby to child to man, from seed to sapling to tree.

But… Life, never goes the way you want or planned.

The tree grew twisted black, crimson ichor seeped each time the man went out at night.  No leaves sprouted after thirty winters, no fruit were ever born, yet still it grew.  Darker.  Bent.

A perversion of a tree.

An abomination of a man.

Lightning struck the tree when the man was on the chair.