Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fractured Spirits

Weird.  I was praying for something scary to come out of this title that just popped out during a friends chat.  I guess my subconscious is telling me there's something troubling me or on the back of my mind.  

I've got a weird schedule coming up where I'll be working almost everyday with no day off until two weeks from now.  I might be posting at weird times and not my usual times since my shift will be jumping from an evening to morning shift (which is going to suck since they're back to back), if I'm later than what I already am I'm sorry.  I'll do my best to catch up soon, thank you for always coming here to check out my growth in 100 word storytelling.  
Enjoy this very sad piece.  

p.s. it's so weird that I come up with sad stuff since I laugh and smile a lot... weird.  Have I used weird enough times already?  

10/07/2013 (Monday)- Fractured Spirits

This all started with a broken mirror.

She sleeps in a separate room, He sleeps alone.
At that time it was merely a line, one they thought they could ignore. 

In time silence came and deepened the crack.

She noticed and reached out, but he had closed the door.
She noticed and tried to tape it, fix it, fill it…
Still the door remained closed.

Days.  Weeks.  Months.  Years.

Their children had left the nest.
They still kept the broken mirror, they didn’t know what else to do.
She knocks softly on the door, one last time...

... praying it’ll open.