Sunday, October 20, 2013


Another old 100 word story getting an update.  This one is actually one of my personal favorites, as it's a m√∂bius strip type of story.  

Plus I've always wanted to stop time every once in a while, so what would be a consequence of a time stopping trick going wrong?  

Enjoy this old story update.   

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08/13/2013 (Tuesday)- Rewind

… it’s a trick that anyone can do.

I forgot who taught it to me.  This is a trick to stop time, nothing like meditation at all, or those mumbo jumbo psychiatric mental focusing bullshit.  

All it takes is an old watch, preferably one with sentimental value to yourself, a watch that has over time developed its own personality.  Next you find yourself a silver hammer, one forged in the light of a half-moon night.  Then lastly, an anvil of the deepest darkest obsidian.

Place the watch on the anvil, then smash it with the hammer.

Simple.  Like I said…