Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Good Home, A Tired Home

After today I'll have a week off.  For some weird reason he scheduled me to work on my weekends off (we have rotating weekends at work), to compensate for the hours I worked I'm being given a week off (that way I won't get overtime).  Not that I'm complaining.  

Which... gives me time for projects/books/school work.  I'm finishing up my associates degree for pre-pharmacy, but ever since I took up a creative writing class earlier this year I found that I enjoy writing more and more each day.  It's fun and it's a medium that I can easily express myself, and get all these stored up daydreams out to make space for more.  

I wanted to do a story about a house (originally a haunted house to go with the October theme), and this story came about.  


10/20/2013 (Sunday)- A Good Home, A Tired Home

She’s seen too many families come and go.

She has scars left behind of memories captured on film, cuts to show the different children growing, and a hole left behind by an angry husband’s fist.  The latter hurting more than any other.

She’s seen too many years fly by.

Her shingles have fallen leaving her bald, the peeling wallpaper showing years that no makeup can hide, her floors creaking between their joints.  Yet still they paint her, pretending, that the pain and years were never there.

She’s seen too many broken hearts.

Weather-worn eyes too broken to shed anymore tears.