Saturday, October 19, 2013

An Anniversary Letter

I actually wanted to write something else, but a friend lost her husband the day before their golden anniversary.  I have elderly folks for friends, can't help it when your coworkers still have to work part-time even after they've retired.  Got to make ends meet.  

This is dedicated to her.  To those who have had their true loves leave them too early.  

I'd like to say enjoy, but really... condolences to those who have suffered this lost.   

*picture is originally from AARP article (won't post link because it's NSFW= Not Safe For Work).  

10/19/2013 (Saturday)- An Anniversary Letter

I saw you again last night.  Usual place.  In a dream.

Always the same place, the first place we met: same smoky bar where I found liquid courage to talk to you, same 80’s pop song in the background (from the group you disliked), same feeling I felt looking in your eyes that first time:  head over heels.

It ends just as I see your smile, your first of many for me.

I’m awake.  Usual place.  An empty nest.

It’s harder getting up, to smile, to tell our grown children who call that I’m fine.

Happy anniversary.

I miss you.