Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cat Song

I've been having a hard time sleeping lately.  I keep this little notebook by my bed and I scribble out little notes whenever I wake up from sleep, whatever comes to mind.  

Cat Song.  Came out from that, just because it was two of the more legible words in that notebook page.  

And what better way to sing a nightmare song, than by having a cat sing it for us.  


10/08/2013 (Tuesday)- Cat Song

The calico dropped in as I was getting ready for bed.  He was surprised, feeling it unnatural for any creature to choose sleep over gallivanting atop fences and houses at night.

I explained that I had a hard time sleeping lately.  The calico smiled and asked if I would like a lullaby, a lullaby taught to him by sister Moon.

Guaranteed sleep with pleasant dreams, he said.

Sure.  Why not?

He sang in a voice of screeching nails and broken bottle dreams.
He sang a nightmarish song full of shadows and imps.

A song that kept me up all night.