Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pawned Memories

Another daily 100 word story.  I forgot what I was watching with family at the time, but this came about the night before when in a scene on TV I saw a wedding dress staring out the window in a shop.  There were no other wedding dresses, just her and for some reason that just felt incredibly sad for me.  

I started putting the legs of it last night, but it just didn't feel right so I left it and woke up early (rare thing) to play around with it.  I think I went through four rewrites (and another story) before I finally settled on this one.  


10/30/2013 (Wednesday)- Pawned Memories

I was buying unwanted memories at the pawn shop when I saw her.

A lonely yellowed wedding dress staring out the window remembering better times… days spent with a forever love, no broken glass promises.  A lace of spider-web silk, a layer of dust spoke volumes of her time: forgotten, unwanted, unloved.

She’s waiting for her owner to buy her back and tell her:  It’s safe to come home, we’re better now…

…but she’s heard too many false hopes and dreams.

I walked out with a pawned off wedding ring, as she silently watched me leave from her window seat.