Thursday, October 31, 2013

Brother's Keeper: Ivory

Another old 100 word story update to Brother's Keeper.  Sorry if I don't put much here, just a little tired from a long day at work, and keeping track of votes during the competition.  Hahaha, it was fun, thanks to everyone that voted for me.  


6 Doctor:  Ivory

      I roll the limb over, looking for the exact location to place my incision. Most people would just tear open the flesh if asked to extract what was required, not knowing the proper procedure. But then again, most people wouldn’t even dare touch the material.

      I strip the skin and spread it on the table to be cleaned off later. Then part flesh and sinew, exposing that marvelous white which was the object of my current exercise.

      I had collected 206 on that previous sample, and 208 on the one before that. It was time to compare. Fifteen and counting...